Buying Luxury Property in Key Biscayne – What to Expect

November 14, 2022

Real Estate

Welcome to the Wonderland! A place as quiet as the Pacific but warm and friendly. Where everything's within walking distance, but you and your neighbors cruise through it via golf car. A lovely, huge, and luxurious country club. Welcome to Key Biscayne! If you're seeing this article, you're probably buying luxury property in Key Biscayne, or it has crossed your mind. Whatever the case is, let us guide you through this adventure and tell you what exactly to expect in the process.


Competition, competition, and more competition!

We're going to start with some tough love here and a ruthless truth. The real estate market in Key Biscayne is always hot and extremely competitive. And with a good reason – everyone wants to live here! Yes, you may have come across information that starting condo prices here can be around 1000 dollars per square foot (which is not much different than in other parts of Miami). However, it's the bidding wars here that set the price up high. These bidding wars are precisely what they sound like – and you need to adapt.


The people here are lovely. However, if you're not ready to swim with the sharks until you get your place under the Key Biscayne sun, it might be best to look for less competitive spaces. If you are a shark yourself, on the other hand, and you bite until you get your prey, you'll fit perfectly into this peaceful haven in the sea.

Two sides of one coin

This lovely island has two polar opposites – real estate and luxury properties. On one side, you can live in the most modern condos in Oceana. This part of Wonderland is contemporary and urban. With 142 condominiums and a few villas, this is a complex of luxurious properties with everything you might need. You name it; it's there. A gorgeous view? Done. Tennis courts? You bet.


The only problem is that there are only 142 condos, and perhaps a million people want to live in them. Even people with a budget of 7 million dollars can't guarantee their place in Oceana and often have to settle for a less exclusive family home. Also, with a high-end home, you need to expect high maintenance prices and be prepared for it.


On the other hand, if you want to spend a fortune on the property and prefer the privacy of extremely spacious luxurious waterfront mansions, you might want to go on the other side of Key Biscayne. A parking spot for your yacht, a private part of the beach, a breathtaking view of Miami – it's all there. According to the experience of experts at City Movers, this is where the wealthiest people settle down and enjoy their life to the fullest.


Lifestyle is the reason no.1 for buying luxury property in Key Biscayne

Have you ever had a fantasy of living in a country club? This lovely island is the closest thing you'll probably get to it. Key Biscayne's lifestyle is unique and peaceful, and it's worth every penny. It has all three major components of a good life:

  • a peaceful environment
  • nice community
  • great educational system

Peace, quiet, and a lovely nature

In contrast to a busy and hectic life in Miami, Key Biscayne is an oasis of peace. One of the most beautiful and satisfying things here is the fact that the majority of people living here can afford and own the fastest sports car, yet, there is no engine growling on the island, ever. Instead, you'll see everyone driving in their golf cars everywhere. There is almost no pollution, and the air is clear. Only trees around you, wide roads, oceanfront, and a breeze in your hair. There is also no tourist invasion, and the lovely nature is there to be enjoyed by habitants of the island.

Ready to enter a group chat?

One of the most incredible things about buying a luxury property in Key Biscayne is its community. Once you're in, you're part of one great big family. A unique thing about this island is that the residents have huge group chats for basically everything. Tennis lovers? Parents of kids at school? Need help moving and hiring moving services in Miami? Just ask other residents, and they will tell you which ones to choose – you'll be sure that the movers are experienced and have all the tasks handled. Everything is handled via a few simple messages, and democracy is on a high level.


Great schools – great future

Key Biscayne has one of the most outstanding schools in America. An incredible number of excellent public and private schools will assure you to give your kids a creme de la creme of education and a great future. Among them stands out the MAST Academy which stands high on the list of best high schools according to US News. So, besides investing in a luxurious property, you're investing in your children's future.

Don't go into the market without a good real estate agent

Yes, you can expect a great lifestyle here. But nothing can be possible without successfully buying a property first. Remember that buying a luxury property in Key Biscayne is impossible without the best real estate agent. As we said, you'll swim with sharks once the bidding wars begin. You need someone that will be willing and will be able to swim with you. You need someone knowledgeable and experienced by your side. Expect to put blood and sweat into getting your luxury property. We certainly expect all the best from it if you listen to our advice and that you'll have the absolute best property and lifestyle of your dreams.


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