Lucas Boccheciampe's Journey to Real Estate Success

January 9, 2023


Lucas Boccheciampe's Journey to Real Estate Success

The pandemic made Lucas Boccheciampe more aware of how life can change in an instant. “It made me slow down and really appreciate the life I have,” he says. “It also pushed me out of my comfort zone and I finally took the plunge into opening my own brokerage. Even though it has been a lot of work, it’s been an amazing experience.” Originally from Caracas, he started out in Engineering but knows that real estate is his true calling. Whenever he’s not working, he’s spending time with his daughters Chloe & Emma. “I’m a triathlete so I’m usually training Saturday and Sunday mornings,” he says. “I also enjoy boating on weekends and trying out new restaurants and spots in town. I’ve met most of my clients through my lifestyle and hobbies — I can now call 90% of them lifelong friends…to me that’s what it’s all about.” He also belongs to the Nobis Foundation, which provides opportunities to improve education for children and youth in vulnerable and low-income communities in Latin America.

Friendly Skies: “I’m a private pilot and oddly enough, I’m terrified of heights!”

The Sportsman: “I’ve tried almost every sport at least once and only keep practicing the ones I’m good at. My favorites are snowboarding and kite surfing.”

Musical Influence: “I usually find myself listening to Taylor Swift, since my Spotify is governed by my daughters.” 

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