Features you only find in luxury homes

March 29, 2023

Features you only find in luxury homes

When you think about luxury homes, you probably imagine enormous villas and stunning architecture. You are not wrong, but what really makes a home luxurious are the amenities that traditional homes don't have. They make the owners' lives much more comfortable and convenient. If you ever wondered what they are, we've enlisted several features you only find in luxury homes.

It's all about the technology

We live in the age of the internet and technological innovations. Every day, we witness something new showing up that makes our lives that much easier. However, the more convenient and more advanced the technology is, the price increases. That is why top-notch modern technology can only be seen in luxurious homes.

Nowadays, luxury homebuyers search for built-in features. Therefore, most of the newly built homes come with already installed wireless systems and home automation.

Smart home

We came to the point where, with a touch of a button on our smartphones, we can control what happens in our homes, from locking the doors and turning off lights to controlling the temperature and alarm system. You can do that while hundreds of miles away, and while you are inside your home, you can even use voice commands. Feels like being in a sci-fi movie!

Smart home devices are something every luxurious home must have. They make owners' lives easier but also give a sophisticated touch to the home itself. This is especially useful in the pandemic era, where home offices have become the norm.

Security systems

When you live in a luxury home, people are bound to notice. Unfortunately, it is not just positive attention. A lot of times, the attention is unwanted - from uninvited visitors to burglaries. This is the reason why all lush homes need to have first-grade security systems installed.

Modern CCTV systems are equipped with 4K cameras, night vision, and even advanced zoom-in features. When moving into a new home, security should be a priority, so make sure to invest in this right away. As we talked about in the previous section, the best part is that you can connect your security system to any device and control it from afar. Pretty neat, but also very costly.

Home spa

You have to admit that, out of everything, this is probably the feature everyone would love to have the most. Imagine coming home from work and being able to relax in your own hot tub. Sounds like heaven, right? Plus, investing in these features can massively increase the value of any home.

Homeowners with extravagant and luxury homes usually travel a lot and visit the world's finest hotels and amazing spas. It is only natural that they would get inspired and want to have the same features in their own home.

Hot tubs and saunas

Lately, hot tubs have become more affordable, so even many traditional and average homes have one. However, jacuzzis in luxury villas are much more expensive and have plenty more options and features. A first-class home deserves a first-class hot tub!

If a home has a sauna, too, you can be sure that it is very luxurious and fancy. Saunas are very beneficial for our health and help with stress relief, so no wonder affluent homeowners gladly install them in their homes.

Swimming pools

Not entirely a spa feature, but when you think about luxury homes, one of the first things that comes to mind is a swimming pool. They are definitely a hallmark of luxury homes. Lately, infinity pools have become very trendy, and with an outdoor bar, it is a perfect place to relax during a hot day. Some homes even have indoor pools, too.


Another characteristic of luxury homes is that they are always located in a great place. Homeowners tend to ensure a piece of heaven for themselves, so you can expect a lavishing home to have a fantastic view. Wealthy homeowners tend to also have holiday homes that they bought overseas. Even though they don't spend as much time there, they don't lack luxury and class.

Fun and games

Most luxury homes have amenities regular people need to go out and pay for. The whole point of having an extravagant place is to never have to leave it and have everything in the closest proximity possible - in your own home.

Why go out to a bar when you can have your own big enough to invite all of your friends? You can have an unforgettable party without worrying about working hours or who will be the designated driver.

Here are just some of the many features you only find in luxury homes:

  • Home theater - this is not a new trend, but it's definitely something that doesn't go out of fashion when it comes to luxuriant living. Having your private cinema is a very indulgent way to relax as most of them have premium recliner seats and top-quality cinema equipment.
  • Game room - A lot of luxury homes have their own game rooms. The gaming industry has advanced so much, and with top-notch equipment, playing games can turn into an even greater enjoyment. Also, don't forget traditional games such as darts, pool, and many other arcade games.
  • Bowling alley - Even in a luxury homes world, it's rare, but you can still find homes with a bowling alley. It is a great way to have all-season amusement in your home.
  • Tennis court - Almost nothing says luxury like a private tennis court. It is an ideal option for active and healthy people. And, even if the homeowners don't play, having a tennis court adds to the home value plus gives your tennis-loving friends an excuse to come by more often.
  • Indoor sports - Some homeowners go as far as building indoor basketball and volleyball courts, swimming pools, and even sports bars.
  • Gym - In many luxury homes, you can see different gym devices, such as treadmills or exercise bikes. But in luxurious homes, you can usually find an entire gym with all the devices you can think of.

Final words

As you can see, there are many features you only find in luxury homes, but that shouldn’t stop you from implementing some of them in your own house. If you have the space and the budget, there is nothing stopping you from indulging in these amenities. On the other hand, looking for a new luxury home that fits your needs can also be an excellent solution.

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